Evaluating Personal & Professional Growth in Ministry

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By Superindentent Doyle Fulkes
January 11, 2019

In years gone by cars were equipped with a rotor cap. This was used to send the electric charge from to the spark plug which then ignited the gas, which combustion would drive the piston which would in turn, turn the crank that gave power to the wheels.

The car would run well if all was syncretized properly. But if the timing was off just a small amount the car would shake and back fire and lose power. You could simply adjust the points of the rotor cap and bring all the timing into alignment and the car would run much better.

At the beginning of each year I have consistently evaluated my life, ministry, and effectiveness. With the proper evaluation, I could make simple adjustments in my life that would have great impact on how I succeeded. 2019 could be the year to evaluate for each of us. This year we have excellent speakers at all of our ministry events. Each speaker brings a unique blend, of evaluation and challenge. We are all in a different place in ministry and our needs are different according to our place, position, and timing in our present ministry.

Come to each of our events (Network Conference, Ministers Conference, Ministers Only, and Ministry Groups around the state) with an open heart to evaluate your life in the light of Gods mission and vision for your given ministry. Allow the Holy Spirit to adjust your points where you will be more in alignment with Him and therefore more effective in life, ministry and effectiveness.

This year we are bringing to our State the Acts 2 Journey. The National Office has graciously trained leaders in many states to facilitate in the Acts 2 Journey process. We will be able to do simultaneous groups in various locations across Southern Idaho. The Acts 2 Journey is just that “a journey.” It is an opportunity to meet with pastors, your staff, and local leadership in quarterly meetings, going through the discovery of Christ’s Mission, Vision, Values and community context, building your own vision for a more effective Church. There will be no cost for the training itself as we can do them in close proximity.

We already have several churches on the West side of the state coming together for the Acts 2 Journey in 2019. Plan now to participate in the coming months. Sometimes a simple evaluation and minor changes bring exponential effectiveness. God bless you as you evaluate your life and ministry in 2019. Looking forward to seeing each of you soon.