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By Secretary, Joel Wendland | February 1, 2021

Fight for Your Mountain

The story of Israel taking possession of the promise land is an incredible account of believing God in the midst of huge obstacles. In Joshua, chapter 11, the victory had largely been won and the land was at peace. Yet, there were still battles that needed to be fought. 

In Joshua 17:14-18, the two tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, complain to Joshua that the inheritance they received wasn’t large enough. They were a people of great number and needed more room for expansion. They wanted more.  Do you ever feel like God wants to use you to do more than you are experiencing right now in your life?  Have you ever complained about the place where God has you right now?  God wants to use you for great things.  Being discontent may help stir you up for what He has next for you! 

Joshua was from the tribe of Ephraim. In one respect, he was kind of a big brother to them. They said they were a great people, so Joshua replied “if you are so great, go up to the forest country and clear out a space for yourselves.” Seems easy enough…but there was a problem. The mountain was inhabited by giants. Now, the mountain probably contained only a few giants, but still enough to make them fearful. Also, the valley they would have to conquer had battlements including iron chariots. These chariots were comparable to modern tanks today. Infantry forces could be decimated by them. It seemed like an impossible battle, even a losing one.

If you want God to use you to do great things, you will have to face great challenges. God had a plan for the tribes of Joseph to go forward, but fear was going to prevent them from taking the next step. They could lose their true inheritance, their destiny. You know, if you are not careful, you can talk yourself out of your inheritance. You can know what God has for you and start rationalizing why you can’t accomplish it. Don’t give up on what God has for you. He will help you. 

Joshua reminded the people of who they are.  In verse 17 Joshua says, “You are a great people and have great power”. The obstacles you face may be great, but God says that you are greater. 1 John 4:4 says “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.” You can do great things because Jesus is within you.  Not only that, but you have been empowered by God to accomplish His purpose. Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, Says the LORD of hosts.” I want to remind you today that you can accomplish the very task God has for you. You just might have to fight for it!