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By: Superintendent Doyle Fulkes January 22, 2015

Leaders live in a world where information and ideas are at their fingertips. There are millions of books about leaders and what the characteristics of great leaders consist of in almost every situation. In fact, at almost any given moment, there are those who will give you their version of the best answer to your concern.

As pastors it is always important to be in relationship with those who mentor or share advice. With a podcast and other forms of information we can often get advice from those we really do not know. There is no personal relationship to know the fruit of their lives. We only see their words or hear and see them speak in a very controlled environment.

As time goes by I see more and more people getting advice from those who are bigger than life on TV or the internet but have no real personal relationship with the individual. A southern phrase I heard growing up was “you better be sure your getting advice from someone who has a dog in your fight.” It is easy to pattern your life after a person who can dish out how things should be done, but will not be a part of the issue if it goes awry.

Each Pastor, in any situation needs advisers that are part of their personal fellowship or organization. The people we get advice from should be:
People we have history with and know the fruit of their lives
People who have character that exemplifies Christ
People who we are sure of their Doctrinal stand
People who can be fully present to see us through a situation
People who live accountable in their own lives
People we have spent time with

Be sure you are seeking input from those who will be around to assist you through the whole of your ministry. A person who is not just a contributor, but a life-long relationship you can trust.