I love leaders and am grateful for each of you.

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By Superintendent Doyle Fulkes
June 30, 2015

Leaders are those who influence in our lives especially for the good of an individual or the good of society. Pastors are leaders in every sense of the word. Pastors lead people in all walks of life and communicate the most important issues of life; eternal; lifestyle; and motivation as well as purpose and meaning.

I love leaders because they are the ones who are willing to give up their life for the good of another. Pastors often work for less money than if they were in a secular or business field. Giving up for the sake of the ministry is just part of who they are. Sacrifice and faithfulness is the rule of the game not the exception. I love pastors because they exemplify the heart of God to those they lead.

The reason I love pastors and leaders so much is because these men and women have had a lasting impact on my life. These leaders saw potential in me and began challenging me to pursue what God has … answering my questions with sincerity and thoughtfulness each has guided my life from the vision they saw for me. I am so glad I could hear the heart of God in those to whom I have submitted, encapsulating the mind of Christ for me. I love leaders, had I not listened to their admonitions I might have missed my God given destiny.

Strong leaders admit their shortcomings and pursue education and insight to grow beyond themselves. Humility exudes from the Christ-like leader enabling others to see his / her heart for God and reveal their deepest passions for God. In my experience, there is insight to be gained from spending time with other leaders. Glean all that you can from these individuals; often powerful insights are to be gained that just might change the course of your life or ministry forever.

I love leaders who lead in the tough times. Leaders are those who are willing to risk their own life to lead where they think God is taking the group. Some leaders have taken great abuse because they made an unpopular decision before others could see its wisdom. Leaders are also the first to admit when a decision was wrong and made adjustment to fix the direction that might have ended in destruction, or worse, it might have lead to ineptness and ineffectual ministry.

I love leaders who will make a change even when it might be easier to continue in the status quo. Comfortable in the way things are going but really not doing the mission of Christ. I love the leaders who recognize that things are not what they could be, and challenges those he leads to new commitments to God for the sake of the ministry. The mission of Jesus Christ is much more important than the relative success we may have accomplished.

I love leaders who are willing to admit that the direction he / she has taken the group is not working and allows a lack of results to drive them to God for answers rather than justifying mediocrity by blaming others for the lack of faith, sinfulness, or declaration. I love leaders who accept responsibility for their vision. It takes a strong leader to question his / her success and make the changes to bring a course correction. Repentance is a tough thing but often necessary for success on God's terms.

I love leaders who believe they don’t know it all. They have made their life a journey of learning and growing in relationship with God and people. In understanding how to study Gods word they have become a person who determines and rightly interprets Gods word so that false doctrine does not creep in. He understands, false doctrine may not send people to hell but certainly influences our mission and vision that will make him and his church ineffective in doing the mission of Christ.

I love leaders because they hear the voice of God for their community and believe God will do what we know we cannot do without Him, expecting God to perform the miraculous to finish the work. They take the risk because they’ve heard from God for the work. I love leaders in Idaho because God always uses leaders to accomplish the task of His Kingdom. Anytime God has wanted to accomplish a work on earth He has chosen a leader to do the work.

I love the leaders in our movement and desire that each reaches their God given destiny for the ministry. My heart is that each of us would be the most successful in fulfilling the will of God for our lives. It is my desire that each grow and mature to become the leader He has put in your heart to be.

In fact when I think about the responsibility of the District Superintendent I am overwhelmed to inspire and challenge every leader to attain the highest possible success in their call toward God. That is why I love leaders because without you the work cannot be accomplished for the Kingdom. Thank you for being a leader here. Thank you for allowing God to call you to Southern Idaho. Thank you for going to the difficult places in Idaho to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. He is the only answer for the problems we face in the world. Thank you for being a good leader to the people you are pastoring and overseeing. Thank you for growing beyond where you have been to be more and more like Jesus in fulfilling His mission. Thank you for changing, for growing, for learning and studying and caring about people.

I love leaders and am grateful for each of you. May God continue to bless you in all you do.