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By Secretary/Treasurer Ed Kreiner
March 22, 2018

I tend to lead well in familiar territory. The problem is that much of the leadership direction required of me is over territory I’ve never traversed before. Its new ground. My confidence falters because I can’t rely solely on my acquired knowledge, skills, aptitudes and muscle memory. I lose my independence.

Think of Israel, perched at the edge of the Promised Land. The Lord declares the obvious, “You have never passed this way before…” Joshua 4:3. Granted, they had sent out “probes” into the new land, both in the time of the twelve spies and more recently across the Jordan into Jericho. But, like books written by others, there is only so much you can acquire from them.

As with Joshua, God gives the leader who is pushing forward into new territory two promises; “I will go before you” and “I will be with you”. So, you move forward as a leader. With a book in one hand and with hesitant, but guided steps, you and the Lord advance into new territory. Such is leadership.

Ed Kreiner