Meditate on His Unfailing Love

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By Network Chi Alpha Director/Presbyter, Pastor Sara Good
May 15, 2020
Psalm 48:9 says, “…we meditate on your unfailing love” and I am fond of how Eugene Peterson puts it in the Message where he says, “we ponder your love in action

The last few months have felt like a whirlwind, haven’t they? We’ve been thinking from all angles of how to continue to “do” ministry. How do we function remotely and be effective at it? What does discipleship look like from a distance? How to we continue to foster that feeling of “connectedness” when we can’t be in the same building together? After months of brainstorming, dreaming, problem solving, brainstorming, and problem solving some more, we might feel a little road weary between the ears- I sure have felt that at times. I thought about how every decision, in the midst of constant changing information, made me feel like I was standing in front of a crossbar and I was just never sure if I was supposed to go under it or over it. Is this the high jump? Or is this the limbo? Where was the line of bold faith and trusting? Where was the line of wisdom and caution out of deep concern for others?

With many things in daily life demanding the attention of our thoughts, as we remain flexible within a quickly changing world, it is so very important that we don’t neglect the power that stirs in our hearts and minds when we join with the psalmist and declare, “We meditate on your unfailing love”. Meditating on the unfailing love of our Faithful, Powerful, Loving, Present God refreshes a weary mind and renews a leader’s perspective.

Charles Spurgeon was a good challenge to me in this time. He writes this in regards to Psalm 48:9: Holy men and women are thoughtful people. They do not let God’s wonders to pass before their eyes and melt into forgetfulness. But they meditate deeply on them. Devout minds never tire of such a divine theme as God’s lovingkindness. It is well to think of past lovingkindness in times of trial… and equally profitable to remember it in seasons of prosperity. Grateful memories sweeten sorrows and steadies joys.

Wow. Some might respond to Charles Spurgeon’s words with the modern day amen of saying, “drop the mic” (well, at least I did!).  Holy Men and Women are thoughtful people! They do not let God’s wonders pass before their eyes and melt into forgetfulness, but they meditate deeply on them. My niece and nephews live in a community where they probably see a deer every day of their lives. As the deer walk through their yard daily, they NEVER cease to be amazed by them. They never tire of seeing them and every single time they see a deer there is a building of excitement and a running to the window to gaze upon them. This is how I want to be — a tenderness of heart that is readily consumed and stirred by the lovingkindness of God, by his love in action.

As we continue to navigate quickly changing times, let us regularly create space and remain in a place of meditating deeply on the wonders and lovingkindness of our God. And let us encourage those in our care to do the same. I believe the body of Christ is so dynamic when we meditate on the wonders of our God, are deeply stirred by his love in action, and powerfully declare the works of our God as a people consistently moved by Him. What can you recognized in your life today as God’s love in action?