A Mother's Risk

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By Executive Presbyter/Region 1  Joel Wendland
May 7, 2018
Risk:  It’s not just a board game!  Risks are something we all have to take from time to time.  John Piper once said that if we walk away from risk to keep ourselves safe, we will waste our lives.  I was reflecting on a story for Mother’s Day recently, and I was drawn to the challenge of risks mothers are willing to take for their children.  In Exodus chapter 2, the story of Moses’ early life takes place.  His family and especially his mother took risks for him. 
She risked keeping the baby
         Jochebed saw her baby and she loved him.  At the time of Moses’ birth, the Pharaoh had instructed the midwives to kill any male Hebrew baby.  The Scripture tells us that the midwives disobeyed the command of Pharaoh and were blessed because they feared the Lord.  Still, hiding a baby was difficult.  After three months of actively hiding Moses, she and her husband knew something had to change.  They had to risk something else.
She risked putting the baby in the ark
         In Sunday school class as a child, I remember seeing the flannel of Moses in the ark of bullrushes floating down the river.   It looked so peaceful.  In reality, it was a crocodile filled river with dangerous currents.  Even in the reeds close to the river bank, the child was in danger.  Why would a parent do that?  Hebrews 11:23 gives us great insight into why Jochebed and her husband did what they did.  By faith, they trusted that God would take care of him.  It is risky to trust God, but what do you have to lose?
You may be in a situation in your life and ministry where the status quo isn’t working.  The next step you may have to take can and probably will be risky.  Remember that often times, God brings us to these moments to express our faith in Him to see us through.  It’s during these times that you will see God do more in your life than you could ever experience by doing the safe and easy thing.  Pray and step out and see what your big God can do!