Remove Your Mask

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By Ministry Coordinator Kent Sullivan
September 9, 2018
Let’s take off our “MASKS” and be real and open to someone about our true feelings. A common greeting that is used many times is “How are you doing?” Sometimes we wish we didn’t ask that, after the 30-minute response, but maybe that person just needs someone to listen. If you have been in a leadership role for any length of time, you have encountered many ups and downs. Everybody at one time or another has or will feel loneliness, heartbreak, discouragement, and even depression.

I know that we as Christians and especially, Ministers of the Gospel, have looked at depression as a sin instead of an illness. It really doesn’t matter what you call it or your theology about it. Today many are suffering with depression and don’t seek help because of the stigma related to it. There are situations in life that you can’t handle on your own and God never intended you to.

After hearing another fellow Minister has taken his own life, my heart is aching, and saddened. I weep for the lives of his family and friends that are dealing with the repercussion of his decision. Many questions arise, like why didn’t anyone see the warning signs? How could a minister, being a follower of Christ, get to this point? How long had he been dealing with this, and what was it that pushed him to this point of no return?

Pastor’s, we must ask the question to ourselves, who is our Pastor? Everyone needs someone to shepherd them. Just because you have been called by God, does not make you exempt from the challenges of daily life. Who do you confide in about your emotional health? Don’t do life alone and especially do not do ministry alone. Be involved in Network Events, in a Ministry Group, take off your mask in a safe place, and don’t become another statistic.

On the back of your AG Credential Card there is an AG Help Line available for you 1-800-867-4011. For anonymous and confidential counseling or referral for all AG Ministers and their family members.