The Southern Idaho Ministry Network Office would like to share with you two ways of making contributions. Although we do not provide an option for online Minister's Tithers giving at this time, there are other easy options that are available to you. (Online payments are for Event Registrations and other Special Offerings only.)

Minister's Tithes OPTIONS:

Electronic Transfers

You can elect to have funds transferred directly from your personal checking account to the Network Office’s account. There are zero fees for this type of transaction. Once you enroll, there is nothing more you need to do and once a month the amount you designated will be deducted automatically until you decide to stop or make changes. If you are interested in starting this, please contact the Network Office.  For more information on how to get started contact Debbie Eason by phone at 466-8101 or by email at Accountant

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a service that most banking institutions offer. Through your bank’s online service, you can create an account for the Network Office with your own customized payment options to make your contributions. Whether it is a single payment or recurring payments, most offer the ability to send funds as often as you like. Your banking institution can issue payments by check or electronically depending on the vendor, saving you checks and postage. The cost is minimal to zero fees. If you are interested, please contact your banking institution for directions on how to get started.