The Southern IdahoMinistry Network Council has designed Ministry Groups for the enrichment of our pastors. Interaction with other pastors is extremely important to the well being of individual pastors. These relationships provide accountability and encouragement from others who understand the unique pressures of pastoral life. Each group meets with four objectives which include:

  • Equip - through guided discussion and resource sharing
  • Encourage - through shared praise reports and prayer together
  • Empower - through resource sharing strengthen each other
  • Engage - through relationship development

Groups meet regularly for fellowship, acquaintance, praise reports, mentoring, and friendship. Each meeting has a discussion time about current appropriate topics for ministry. The meetings close with a time of prayer for one another and their ministry challenges. Ministry Groups are kept strictly confidential within their own Group.

Participation provides any willing pastor with a support group of peers, idea bank, friendship, as well as a place to pour their life into another person. Every minister has something to learn and something to give. Currently the Network sponsors Ministry Groups for Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Youth Pastors. Our desire is to encourage every Pastor to participate in a Ministry Group. If you are interested in joining a Ministry Group contact Superintendent Fulkes here.